Welcome to Apertus

We provide pharmaceutical manufacturing and analytical services. Our collaborative approach, coupled with direct access to our top management team and deep expertise, leads to rapid and successful outcomes.

API Manufacturing

Apertus manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for companies that make finished dosage products and/or develop novel dose delivery systems and formulations. Our focus is providing bulk controlled substance APIs, however non-controlled APIs are also within our project portfolio.

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Formulations Development

Apertus offers formulations development solutions on solid oral, topical and suppository products. We provide services that range from early de-formulation and IP review to new formulation design and validation.

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Contract Manufacturing

Apertus offers contract manufacturing solutions on R&D and small batch scale for solid oral and suppository dose products. We support products from process and formulations development through full scale cGMP manufacturing.

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Pipeline Products

Apertus has several products in our pipeline portfolio. The projects range from generics to new pro-drugs of large market products. We are always open to discussions on possible partnership opportunities.

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