Chief Executive Officer:

Dr. Rick L. Ryan serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Apertus Pharmaceuticals where he provides strategic direction to the company and its partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, venture capital firms, universities and research institutions.  Rick has over 30 years experience in the life sciences industry including business management and new business/technology development. He has held executive leadership positions in multinational corporations as well as early stage ventures.

Before joining Apertus, Rick was Vice President of the Drug Discovery & Development business unit at Millipore Corporation. He had P&L responsibility for DDD, which provided discovery and development products and services to Pharma and Biotech customers. At Millipore he also led innovation programs, such as biomarker applications for discovery, and development for companion diagnostic applications.  Rick was formerly the President of LINCO Research Inc, which was acquired by Millipore in 2007. He started his biotechnology career at Monsanto, where he held several technology and business management positions of increasing responsibility, including Dir. Commercial/Business Development, Dir. Strategic Planning and Dir. International Markets.

Rick received his PhD (Biochemistry) from the University of Illinois and his executive MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. He was an American Cancer Society post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin. He obtained his B.S. in chemistry from Central College of Iowa.

Chief Scientific Officer:

Dr. David Gindelberger serves as the Chief Scientific Officer of Apertus Pharmaceuticals where he leads the API research and commercialization efforts. David has deep expertise in the manufacturing and regulatory aspects of regulated API’s including over 18 years of research, manufacturing, and management experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has most recently worked as a Principal Scientist for Mallinckrodt, the controlled substance manufacturing division of Covidien.

David also has prior entrepreneurial experience, having started a successful CMO focusing on the synthesis of organic compounds which he managed as President for four years.  David established wet lab space including bench, hood and glovebox installations, and analytical capabilities including a 300MHz Bruker NMR spectrometer.  While running the CMO David initiated ongoing customer relationships with a number of entities including Sigma Aldrich, ExxonMobile, Umicore, and TCI Americas.

Previously, David was a Director of New Product Development at the Cal Tech based start-up Materia.  At Materia he focused on commercialization of Robert Grubbs’ ruthenium olefin metathesis catalysts, and efforts to use this technology in pharmaceutical production.  He has also worked as a Quality Manager at KMCO, the largest toll processor in the United States, and was a Senior Research Scientist for Exxon early in his career.  David has a total 17 patents and four pending applications spanning a wide variety of disciplines, including controlled substance and catalyst manufacturing.

David received his PhD (Organometallic Chemistry) from the University of California, Berkeley and his Bachelors (Chemistry) from Purdue University.

Operations Manager:

Denise Heinz serves as the operations manager for Apertus Pharmaceuticals. Denise is responsible for assisting in day to day activities involving the start up as well as managing the analytical lab, and assuring DEA and FDA regulatory requirements are followed.

Denise has over 10 years of pharmaceutical industry experience.  She worked for Mallinckrodt/Covidien pharmaceuticals in quality control, research and development, validations, and manufacturing support.  She has extensive experience with peptide chemistry and controlled substance APIs. Most recently, she worked in the technical support R&D group as a Senior Research Analytical Chemist where she assisted with OOS investigations, customer complaints, impurity identification, analytical method development and validation.

Denise received her Bachelor’s degree (Chemistry) from Knox College.