theophylline 1,3-dimethylxanthine 58-55-9

Apertus offers kilo-scale manufacturing of hard-to-find molecules for customers looking to formulate drug products for world-wide markets. Our services are offered under a variety of agreements including fee-for-service, exclusive supply agreements and royalty-based payments. If you have any questions regarding theophylline supply please contact us via the email addresses or phone numbers in the left sidebar.

Apertus can help with your API manufacturing needs by:

  • Supplying cGMP batches manufactured in our Saint Louis, MO facility
  • Documenting process design work for regulatory filings
  • Performing validation batches and writing associated validation reports
  • Conducting stability and forced degradation studies
  • Developing stability-indicating analytical methods
  • Identifying and synthesizing process impurities and degradants
  • Providing tech transfer support if a larger manufacturing facility is required