Contract Manufacturing

Apertus offers contract manufacturing solutions on R&D and small batch scale. Our team brings experience from previous employment in the fine chemical, pharma and biotech industries and can help you at any stage in your development process. Our style is highly collaborative, stressing close contact, open communication and full disclosure of progress – both accomplishments and roadblocks/issues, to enable rapid decision making and project success.

Formulation and Process Development

  • API and excipient sourcing and supplier validation
  • Lab scale blending and dosing
  • Blend uniformity testing
  • Optimization of dose manufacturing

Pilot Scale Manufacturing

  • Table, capsule and suppository pilot batches
  • Clinical manufacturing under cGMP
  • Blend optimization
  • Batch record design

cGMP Commercial Manufacturing

  • Equipment selection, IOPQ
  • Process validation
  • Submission batch production
  • Finished dose manufacturing (100,000 – 250,000 unit typical batch)