St. Louis-based Apertus Pharmaceuticals, Pulse Therapeutics partner to improve stroke recovery

Apertus Pharmaceuticals is proud to be collaborating on the development of a new medical device designed to potentially improve the treatment of stroke victims. Through the use of Magnetically Enhanced Diffusion, or MED, iron core MicroBeads, are guided to blockages in brain arteries and designed to augment the delivery of powerful FDA approved clot-busting drugs in the hopes that flow can be restored to brain tissue.

“Apertus is excited to collaborate with Pulse Therapeutics,” said Rick Ryan, chief executive officer of Apertus Pharmaceuticals. “This partnership has great potential to add to the regional economy through job creation while further bolstering St. Louis’ standing as a major science hub in the U.S.” Pulse developed the concept for the novel device, while Apertus is producing the product that will soon be tested in future clinical trials.

“Pulse is extremely pleased to be working with the talented scientific team at Apertus”, said Sean Morris, Pulse CEO. “Their capabilities complement the Pulse team and together we have a solid scientific staff to further develop this technology.”

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Apertus Featured in the Saint Louis Business Journal

Apertus was featured in the St. Louis Business Journal when notification was published that it had received a registration to manufacture Scheduled materials:

“Apertus Pharmaceuticals has received approval from the Drug Enforcement Agency to begin manufacturing several controlled pain medications.

Apertus received approval to manufacture Alfentanil, Remifentanil, Sufentanil and Fentanyl, all synthetic opioid analgesic drugs used during surgeries and in hospital intensive care units.”

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Apertus Receives DEA Approval to Manufacture Schedule II through V Controlled Substances

Apertus received notice the first week of October its request for a bulk manufacturing permit for selected Schedule II – V controlled substances was approved by the DEA.

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Apertus Featured in the Saint Louis Beacon

“The tiny startup (Apertus), which was founded in November to help alleviate shortages of active ingredients in medications, is one of eight nascent local enterprises resulting from the i6 challenge grant, a federal effort to spur technology commercialization.”

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Apertus Obtains i6 Funding Through the Biogenerator

“The St. Louis Regional i6 Project, implemented by BioGenerator, announced the funding of eight new companies in the St. Louis Region. The new St. Louis companies are: RadTargX, Euclises Pharmaceuticals, Confluence Discovery Technologies, X-Tend Energy, Apse, ARTA Bioscience, Apertus Pharmaceuticals and Array Bridge.”

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